Bucket List

Fashion Ferno Cliff Jump

They say that you are something % more likely to achieve your goals and wishes if you write them down, break them up and look back on your success. They, I don’t know who, percent, I don’t know how much but I’m remembering a significant % so thus here it is – the first version of my bucket list to complete hopefully in the next 15 years. The list has been inspired by my own experiences, my close friends and family and a few things from several other insane bucket lists.

I’ve put a time limit on things purely for competitive purposes and also the fact that I know what I’m like and this being I fail to commit and achieve things without pressure…so pressure there needs to be.

There are a few things I have already achieved on this list and this may be classed as marginal cheating but what the heck they’re all worthy items plus my bachelors in Psychology tells me ticking things off is motivational, however big or small.


20 out of 50 COMPLETE – 30 to go…

If you can help me to complete any, let me know ……its all about the shortcuts (0;


[1] All 7 continents (4/7 complete)

[2] A tornado

[3] An eclipse

[4] Camp under Aurora Borealis

[5] Walk the great wall of China

[6] Hike to Machu Picchu

[7] Watch the sun set behind the Grand Canyon

[8]  Climb above the rice paddies of Jatiluwih, Bali and watch the sun set

[9] Dance nose to nose with someone at Rio carnival

[10]  See the sun rise at a moon party in Thailand 

[11] See the sun rise at Niagra falls

[12]  Eat sushi and bathe in a natural hot spring in Japan

[13] Rescue turtles in the Galapagos Islands & visit Ecuador

[14] Drink tequila in Mexico

[15] See an active volcano with flowing lava

[16] Stay awake for 48 hours in Las Vegas

[17] Hong Kong Harbour at midnight

[18] Snorkel or dive around Bora Bora island

[19] Play with the orangutangs in Sumatra

[20] Scuba dive around the Great Barrier Reef

[21] Travel solo for at least a month

[22] Participate in La Tomatina


[23] Attempt opening my own business

[24] Work on a campaign that wins a Cannes Lions

[25]  Quit a job I hate

[26] Work abroad for at least 6 months


[27] Shower in a waterfall

[28] Complete a difficult sporting challenge for charity

[29] Skinny dip at twilight

[30] Canoeing and white water rafting

[31] Attend a film premier

[32] Gate crash a celebrity party

[33] Get backstage at a concert

[34] Jump from a cliff into deep water

[35] Attend a yoga retreat

[36] Zorbing

[37] Swim with Dolphins

[38] Grow all the ingredients of a meal

[39] Complete a 365 day challenge

[40] Sky dive / Bungee to conquer my fear of heights

[41] Fly first class on a long haul flight


[42]  To surf

[43] Learn photography and edit photos for a travel account

[44] To snowboard

[45] Play 3 whole songs on acoustic guitar

[46] Conversational Japanese

[47] Conversational Spanish

[48] Pole dance

[49] Design and make an outfit

[50] Free dive to 10m


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