About Ferno

Fern Nguyen Fashion Blogger Singapore UKFern Nguyen

  • I have a fashion and travel engrossment – the way I see it is I’m a perfect mix of materialism and otherworldly-ness :p (*ignore the perfect)
  • This blog is me documenting my way through my fashion infested, philosophically driven, creatively enriched life
  • My heart has been left at home in London while I find myself in Singapore (well actually I work in Marketing out here)
  • I am clumsy and I like peas (yes those average vegetables in your freezer)
  • Ferno because most people have an urge to call me that (o’s at the end qualify as a nickname apparently)
  • Occasionally I like to talk in bullet points (my mind works too fast for my mouth to keep up…)

Holstee Manifesto – READ IT and let it evoke a PERSONAL REVOLUTION :)


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