Slow walker in front? It’s a new age downtimer!


Downtime: n. a period spent not working; spare time

There’s no denying it anymore we officially live in a technology consumed world where life’s fundamental is an object that is constantly evolving and being consistently renovated – almost daily.
This devouring of technology comes hand in hand with another common ambition – the ambition to be efficient, this makes sense really as technology has always been about how we can do things quicker, do multiple things at once, learn more, see more and experience more, all of this to effectively save us time…

Time. That’s a funny concept right there. We are undoubtedly saving more time than we have ever before yet what are we doing with this downtime? Hmmm well lets see…spending it staring into four corners?

Don’t get me wrong I live and breathe technology, heck I work in mobile marketing so I feel a little hypocritical here when I say this but what the hell has happened to all this “downtime” we are all supposed to be saving by having wikipedia, google maps and youtube at our fingertips? A weekend bus journey, a waiting room at the doctors, at dinner in a restaurant and even walking to the MRT station – people everywhere are staring into 4 corners.

This dangerous absorption is like that unhealthy kind of love which makes people oblivious to the world around them? We’ve become completely inconsiderate and oblivious to others we live with while we engage in this “new age downtiming”.

Downtime no longer exists, well not under its previous description relating to humans in any case, if you were to look under downtime in a few years time you might read the description “a period of the day governed by an individuals’ complete absorption with technology resulting in a significant drop in the level of consciousness towards the physical world”.

I fancy hiking to the top of a hill and just sitting there…Instagram not involved – who’s in?


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