A Remote Rooftop Bar – Loof


Loof Rooftop Bar, 331 North Bridge Road, #03-07 Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop, 188720

Hunting for cocktail bars again and I come across Singapore’s first standalone rooftop bar – and it hasn’t lost it’s touch! Sure its been renovated probably a heck of a lot of times since opening but as it stands with it’s foliage laden walls, wooden decorated, intimate seating and cabin feel it works well to create that safe, fuzzy, glowing nostalgic feeling regardless of whether you visited way back or not.

I enjoyed this place as it seems less pretentious than most bars you’ll come across in Singapore, the music is at the right level and the crowd friendly – so it doesn’t have a stunning view but it nonchalantly pleases you with it’s ambient lighting among the leafy greenness. One (small) complaint is that the bar ought not to reserve one half  of it to table orders, as this is slightly excessive and wasteful.

Try: The impressive long bar stretching one whole side of the venue serves up some seriously obscure mixes of “Asia” inspired cocktails (these could however, do with a little more alcohol) – the exotic tasting Java Ginger Crush is well worth a try.

Atmosphere: Business-y type crowd as it neighbours the CBD but everyone seems a little more laid back

Music: Deep house kind of vibes with 70’s, 80’s beats – Friday’s are strictly vinyl days!


2013-06-02 00.49.47 2013-06-02 01.05.37 loof bar fashionferno singapore venue cocktail rooftop 2013-06-02 00.56.16 loof bar fashionferno singapore venue cocktail rooftop 2013-06-02 01.06.24


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