Brunch at Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle: Fuss Free Food

[Update: Kith Cafe has now ceased service at it’s branch in Quayside Isle]


Quayside Isle – I can’t believe I haven’t come to this idyllic place in Sentosa Cove before! What a huge shame as it is a neat little picturesque place for Sunday lunching – while watching private luxury yachts being docked and washed…

Kith Cafe, 31 Ocean Way, Quayside isle, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375

This little chain of Aussie cafe creates delicious fuss free simple dishes using all the natural flavours and bold colours of ingredients to set off the whole gustatory and olfactory systems. It is like the very best of home cooked food presented the way a professional does it plus it is complimented by a caffeine lover’s version of heaven: lots of good, rich, home roasted coffee and a wide selection of teas. The menu consists of various light meals of salad, pasta, sandwiches and burgers – plus they do all day breakfast ;)

Atmosphere: casual, chic couples and the trendy families all hang out here while watching over their private yachts, the purposeful simplicity of the interior designed by Tom Dixon (British Design & Manufacturing company) constructs an intimate setting.

Try: Their eggs done in every and any way, order bacon, I had the all day breakfast. Obviously. And a chai tea latte.


Brunch-at-Kith-Cafe lunch all day breakfastQuayside-Isle-Sentosa-Cove-21 Kith Cafe


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