Bitters & Love: A No Menu Kind of Bar


Bitters & Love Bar, 36 North Canal Road, 059292

On a hunt for the latest trendy places to grab an interesting cocktail at the weekend I find myself stumbling into a little unknown called Bitters & Love – a neat, uncomplicated venue with an adorably simple interior design. It’s a dining joint (Shoebox Canteen) transformed into a bar at night and one that is not overly exposed to the mainstream by the secret screamers out there (Time Out, I-S Magazine…) so one feels slightly privileged falling in to it’s spell after finding out its existence  only through word of mouth. It’s quite hard to spot too unless you make a habit of reading letterboxes as you walk down the street.

It’s USP I hear you ask, well there’s no drinks menu – you tell them what you like & they make up something for you – veterans of drinking step aside there’s no need to know anything about compatibility. Is this cool or is it a fad? Who knows? What I do know is I was pretty bowled over that they managed an iced gem for one of my drinks, AN ICED GEM…old school – phunk’n love it!

MUSIC: There’s not really any to be honest well what I mean is it’s too low to catch a significant proportion of your attention so expect conversation…I have a feeling there’s possibly a talking theme going on?

ATMOSPHERE: Similar to the likes of The Library and 28HKS – it is a seated sort of venue attracting an eccentric and creative mix of drinkers

TRY: Ask for ice-cream, ask for tea, ask for lavender and I wish I did at the time …ask for popping textures – I’d like to see what that involves (forget all of the normal stuff like ginger, lime, fruit – get creative, they’re dying for a challenge). Yes and the nibbles are top too.


bitters & love bar singapore cocktail post box bitters & love bar singapore cocktail entrance interesting doors bitters & love bar singapore cocktail secret shoebox canteen bitters & love bar singapore cocktail blueberry ginger mojito bitters & love bar singapore cocktail pineapple 2013-05-01 16.38.36 bitters & love bar singapore cocktail


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