Chilli, Butter, Pepper Crab Dinner in Singapore – The Great Places


The accidental “national dish” of Singapore is served in an overwhelming number of restaurants in Singapore, but where does one go for each specific variation?? Here’s the verdict on the ground from the locals who showed me Singapore’s best:

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood, 122 Casuarina Road, Singapore 579510

Ban Leong is number one (and my favourite) for chilli crab, I’ve been told they’ve been doing it the same way for the last 20 years (plastic cutlery, plates, the whole lot) way before it accidentally became the country’s national dish and still run by the same family too. Great seafood served by friendly staff managed by a personable owner who may ask you to cheers him during your meal. Their soup fish dish (not sure of the actual name) is an incredibly delicious dish that is extremely popular with the regular customers, you’re advised to order beforehand!

Melben, 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 560233

If you are a lover of crab but could do without the spice, Melben another family run eatery slightly bigger and not too far from Ban Leong (if you can’t get a table there most people come here) serve a unique version of butter crab, their speciality dish of butter crab is soup noodle based. Sounds quite strange but don’t knock it as the mild seasoning of the soup carries the crab beautifully and delivers a lovely full fresh crab flavour, it also serves as a nice antidote to the spice from their chili crab (equally tasty).

No Signboard, 14 Geylang Road, Singapore City 389392

Of all the different variations of crab seasoning available I would say I like pepper crab the least because the flavour is nothing unusual for me however here at No Signboard, a place that started off as a small eatery, so small they didn’t even have a signboard (hence the name) that bloomed into busy restaurant serving up to 50 tables, their white pepper crab is opinion changing. Of course it is, it’s what they’re famous for.

My view on Jumbo Seafood for chilli crab = overpriced mediocrity. The seafood is good and fresh here and what you would expect from any high priced seafood restaurant but for chilli crab this is where the non-researching tourists tend to go. I found the dish to be overpoweringly spicy and as a result any beautiful natural flavour from the fresh crab is lost (such a shame).

One last little thing…don’t forget to try the homemade barley or grass jelly drink with your meal – it’s how the Singaporeans roll.


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