Snap Before Work: Smart Trousers, Abs Out


The printed trouser trend has had a really good run, so good that it’s making its way out of the casual zone and in to smart work wear now. I like the cut of these and the colour is not to garish so perfect for work – I remember when people started going crazy with prints back in early 2012 and it looks like it’s here to stay. One day I’ll be braver with it and mix it with other prints.

Everyone asks me how I manage to always keep my body in shape – Yoga… I live by it as it a great exercise (somewhat addictive) for combating stress and you don’t have to train prolifically – in fact even when you don’t exercise for a while you still keep your shape because it targets core muscles. I’ll upload my yoga routine some day!

I’m wearing printed trousers, black cropped blazer, black flats all from H&M, the crop top from Mango.

2013-04-05 03.36.33


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