Juices & Detox – Attempt at Kicking the Unhealthy Lifestyle


So my sister has been raving on about this “juice diet” she subjected herself to over the last week (7lbs in 7days) – not with the intention to lose weight as she is stick thin but more for detoxing and energy replenishment (and to support her poor bf who is trying to beat the bulge – see we’re loving creatures us women). Heeding her advice that communicated directly with my internal mother telling me to kick my recent unhealthy, cigarette and alcohol laden, lack of sleep lifestyle, I thought I’d give it a go for a week and see if it helped with my (lack of) motivation and energy.

So I download Jason Vale’s 7lbs in 7days mobile app for the “magical” juice recipes and watch the motivational video of how well I’m about to feel and then go ahead and purchase $120 of fresh fruit and veg. I decided not to follow the app instructions strictly because I wanted to avoid losing weight so instead I substituted only 2 of my meals for 3 smoothies a day (breakfast & dinner). On starting I was wishful of instant results but unfortunately it took a frustrating couple of days for me to start “feeling” more energised – I put this down to the fact that I usually eat quite a lot of fruit and veg plus I carried on smoking the whole while. Slowly but surely energy did pick up, not as much as my sister claimed mind, but a noticeable amount plus I feel more energised to do healthier things and this has probably been the most useful result from doing the juicing diet – my need and want of retoxifying lessened, so even if that was the only real benefit of doing this, I’ll take it! :)

VERDICT: Juicing is a brilliant idea, I now see why many of my friends love it plus it saves a crap load of time making meals too! I found when I was making breakfast smoothies adding handfuls of muesli and yogurt did the trick to fill me up for longer and ensured I wasn’t losing weight. P.S. Watermelon & orange is ACE.


2013-03-24 20.03.54 tropical fruits paragon watermelon, orange, coconut 2013-03-25 17.24.20 2013-03-29 13.56.50 2013-03-29 13.59.45


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