Abandoned Plane in Bali, Odd Much?


Cool and fascinating things usually spread like wild fire in Bali as everyone on the island is always open to doing something totally random and rather silly, so when a friend told us about an abandoned plane he had spotted in the south of Bali it didn’t take much convincing for us to ride down there and check it out for ourselves.

Little did we know we’d be greeted by the angry owner who claimed it was his house, all of us were intrigued by his project but his hostility put us off asking him about his plans for the shelled out plane set in a stunning cliff side 10 minutes from a tranquil beach…the rumours are it might be a restaurant, one day we’ll find out.

Fortunately we had enough time to prance around on a wing, nearly fall off the wing and pose in the empty cockpit. All in all it was a bizzare 40 minutes and now I can say I’ve played on a aeroplane wing.


aeroplane bali random abandoned trips travels cock pit, pilot aeroplane bali random abandoned trips travels hanging out on the wing of a plane baliabandoned plane bali adventure abandoned plane bali adventure 2013-04-14 16.03.21 2013-04-14 16.03.50


11 thoughts on “Abandoned Plane in Bali, Odd Much?

    1. Hi Sigit, I’m not sure exactly but it’s on the road to Balangan beach, the owner has boarded the area off so you might have trouble finding it but look out for a big metal fence :)

  1. Hi,
    we tried to find this place, asking all locals around Balangan Beach (also Dreamland beach) and no information about, no idea, where the plane is. Is it really from this locality? And do you have any information, whether the plane is still there (1 year later…).

  2. Plane is still there. It’s near Pandawa beach next to the double lane road that goes to the Nusa Dua area

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