Gilli Air Island, Lombok


Back to Bali again – I should be a travel reporter for the island, honestly…Anyone want to fund me?

This particular time I went back to the Gilli islands (2 hours boat ride from padangbai) and was gifted with two of the most magical  days in my life, Indonesia has given me so much already my mind blows when thinking about the rest of the world I’ve yet to see. Madness.

So why beautiful? Pictures speak louder than words, have a look at the images.

What you don’t see in the pictures are an incredible double full rainbow we saw as we walked through the tiny island, coming out on to the beach to be greeted by the spectacular sunset, the silver water rich with clay/mud, the mushy seaweed in the sea, the shallow beach that stretched out for miles to create a natural infinity pool,  the invisible horizon, the moon that came to greet us, the glittery sea that looked like fairy dust, the shooting stars, the amazing Santay villa, white sand beach, warm water and so many smiles.Rainbow gilli air lombok travels beautiful scenery bali 2013-04-15 17.21.23Gilli Air Island lombok beautiful paradise island sunset mud water space barGilli Air Island lombok beautiful paradise island sunset mud water space barparadise island, beautiful sea, sunset, bali lombok gilli air 2013-04-15 18.18.09Gilli air shallow sea beautiful sunsent island beach 2013-04-17 21.31.14beach sunsent panaroma gilli air lombok indonesia 2013-04-17 21.32.32


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