Stumbling Across Another Secret Bar in Singapore: The Library


The Library : 47 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089151
Located in recently eminent area around Keong Siak Road this little surreptitious cocktail bar is full of sparkles, frozen liquids and bathtubs… No literally. The password protected entrance wards off any kind of crazy overcrowding and rightfully so because its tinie tiny inside with a low lit relaxed ambience popular with groups of business type guests catching up over a sip on some of the quirkiest and inventive cocktails in Singapore.

MUSIC: Electronic mellow beats, can be pretty loud not a first date place for sure unless you prefer the repeat yourself type

ATMOSPHERE: depends on the day but you’ll usually find it filled with buzzing conversation and after work goers

TRY: the smokey tiki cocktail & a bathtub mix (shared) – your old fashioned comes with popcorn because they’re cool like that

(psssst! Get the password from the convenience store down the road!)

drink on fire the library singapore bar library bar  the library singapore bar hidden password cool barbest-new-cocktail-bar-singapore-2012-the-library-bar

Photo sources: LifestyleAsia


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