Christmas in Singapore

So I spent my first ever Christmas away from home in a foreign country this year! I hadn’t really thought about the fact that it was going to be the first time ever I was going to spend it away from my family… still trying to not think about it. Fortunately Christmas day here is nothing like home so this helped in not reminding me of England and missing everyone and wondering what they were up to. So aside from the warmer weather difference, everything here also operates as usual on Christmas day, yep that’s right, there’s no shut down of supermarkets, shopping centers, trains, no lack of taxis and even Universal Studios the theme park here is open!…it was an ongoing effort reminding myself it was actually Christmas.

There was one thing that was a reminder of Christmas – the shopping….It’s busy, crowded and like back home the main shopping district here, Orchard Road was lit up with an array of extraordinary lights with the big shopping centers all competing for the festive footfall with extravagant displays of Santa Claus, plastic candy canes and Christmas tress…Christmas being all about presents much here?? The disappointing difference between UK and Singapore is…no Boxing Day…so no Boxing Day sales )o:

Some of the amazing Christmas trees this year: Takashimaya, Paragon & Marina Square.Takaskimaya christmas tree 2012 paragon christmass 2012 singapore shopping center Marina squar shopping christmass tree 2012

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