Travel Diary: Com Nieu Sai Gon Restaurant, Yummy Claypot Rice


Com Nieu Sai Gon Restaurant: Tu Xuong Street, D1, HCMC, Vietnam

My mom introduced me to the wonderful world of com nieu, this being rice that is cooked in a claypot, the ancient traditional way of cooking rice back before the plug in push down button sorts came in to existence. The result  is a perfect balance of fluffy & dry unless of course you go for the crispy version which is …well, crispy! The crispy rice is served with a salty spring onion topping and is incredibly yummy, completely moreish and highly nutritious. Okay so perhaps I’m lying about the latter point…Anyhow, aside from the crispy clay pot rice the quality of food at Com Nieu is supreme, authentic and it delivers that Vietnamese flavour slap on the tounge, plus portions are big! 

TRY: The com nieu is of course a must try (note for ordering.. normal steamed rice also come in clay pots, specify for crispy) but my other authentic favourites that are worth a taste here include the sweet and sour soup (canh chua) and the tamarind prawns (tom rang me) – Excuse the lack of tonal marks, I’m not native enough… *bows head in shame*.

ATMOSPHERE: The operation of cracking rice clay pots at your table is probably why its always buzzing and exciting every time I find myself here.


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