Travel Diary: Camping in a Secret Valley, Bali


So last weekend we had huge, bright, shit-its-so-big, blue moon and what better way to make the most of it than to camp in a isolated secret valley with numerous waterfalls around you, create a bonfire and watch the huge beauty move from one side of a valley to the other??

Surprising to learn that there is a magical little place in Bali that only a select few know about [here I am broadcasting it to the world…], really I think it is fine to share as I don’t remember exactly where 500m of non signposted dirt path to walk down starts.
The owner of the area is local and he probably inherited it from his family who had probably been living there for many generations and passed it down to him and he was probably the smart one that decided to share his beautiful paradise for for a cost to those seeking tranquility (50,000rp).
The valley is located not too far from the famous waterfall in Munduk, probably a 15-20 minute or so ride down various lefts and rights, through tiny villages and paddy fields.

After the walk down into the valley, down the dirt path of stones and tree roots, surrounded by various bushes and fragrant clove trees it opens out to you, you can’t see anything on the way down, but as soon as you get in there and look up it’s breathtakingly beautiful.
There are many big and little waterfalls that run down one side, opposite to where you walk down in to the valley and when you get down into the centre of it the seclusion feeling you get from the way the trees climb far up to the sky in a circle around you feels head-spinningly relaxing.
We set up camp and went for a refreshing shower in the spring water where small cold spring pools had been made using bamboo to guide the water through to a secluded spot. The water was super refreshingly cold and just what we needed after our 6 hour bike ride (it doesn’t take that long from Kerobokan, we stopped off several times).


After showers and climbing ridiculously slippery and grubby rocks to the largest waterfall there, we dried up and had lunch of rice parcels our friend had picked up on the way. We spent the whole night sat around around a blaring, sparkling, popping (courtesy of the bamboo) bonfire the owners had made for us, my first bonfire… Ever.
We saw fireflies dancing with their flashing bums to the music, I saw shooting stars and watched that beautiful blue moon, in all its glory, rise and fall from one side of the valley to the other. Real life fairytale for sure.

No pictures of the moon unfortunately :(

Pictures from the journey there and back –


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