Travel Diary: Cheeky Trip to Singapore, db Bistro Moderne

Yen and I had booked a cheeky trip to Singapore as we figured it would be a good mini holiday, on holiday, well holiday for me, work for her. Plus I hadn’t been to Singapore before and wanted to experience the infamous Marina Bay Sands. We arrived in Singapore afternoon time and couldn’t believe we had somehow managed to bring the rain along with us! It rarely rains in Singapore and this was funny because it added to our ongoing joke about how being two dragons (chinese zodiac) we were destined for any sort of bad luck available, especially when we are together – being it our year and all. Chinese and Vietnamese and probably loads of other south east Asians have this suspicion that if it’s your zodiac year, you’re pretty much doomed, so you need to lay low and hope for the year to past swiftly with minimal damage. I mean I’m not exactly a worshiper of ‘luck’ and ‘destiny’ but it was getting quite outrageous, between us we’ve had experienced broken down cars, car crashes, break ins, break ups…ok ok, with my psychology degree, one could say we were focusing on the negatives….. But seriously! It hardly ever rains in Singapore! Bah, I’m always moaning about the weather, so rant over. Anyway, as it rained we thought it was best to stay in the complex for lunch and decided on the celebrity chef Daniel Boulud’s db Bistro Moderne, where I had a really interesting cocktail called Geisha Girl, their cocktails were all generally quite quirky and made up of uncommon mixes. The food was well presented, perfectly seasoned and made with an interesting combination of flavours, it was pretty yum too disregarding the fact that we hadn’t eaten all day. I went for a lightly seared fish served with pea mash followed by a chocolate and cherry flavoured dessert and Yen went for the beastly burger, but this was probably more to do with the fact it came with fries…Shes a sucker for fries.


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