Motilo: Shop with your Friends Online

Shopping website Motilo was launched over just a  year ago and for some very good reasons it has quickly developed to becoming a great place to for fashion-loving friends to visit. For it is not just your average ASOS or Net-a-porter, no, it was inspired and created by two best friends separated by thousands of miles and the desire to shop together.

The cleverly designed site serves up apparel, accessories and shoes (carefully selected by stylists!), from various websites such as Selfridges, Liberty, Net-a-porter, Harvey Nics to name a few.. It’s uniqueness comes from the fact it provides a platform for shopping buddies to chat, browse and recommend items to each other. Like Polyvore, you can assemble outfits and when you’re finished, you simply click through to the respective retailer to buy your goods. Seriously innovative stuff!

I personally love the way it integrates various sites..some big, some small and it truly encapsulates a real life shopping experience, its going to definitely revolutionize how consumers digest fashion and shop online. Check it out here: Motilo Shop


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