Some Key Summer 2012 Trends: Red, Crochet, Mixed Metals

We’re quickly approaching our 2012 Summer (how is this so??)… heres’s a few trends to have on your radar during your next retail visitation and/or when organising your wardrobe:

A Bloody Red Injection

As neons and colours arrive into our high streets, I’m drawn to the reds…. anybody else?

1. American Apparel red disco trouser, 2. Ganni lace skater dress in red, 3.  YSL Cabas Chyc woven leather tote in red

I’m wearing a cropped red blazer from F21, white lace top, baby blue jeggins and red chunky heeled sandals all from Zara. Gold watch from Accurist, cuff from Tiffany & Co, black messenger bag from Zara (yes I’m a walking Zara advert…literally!).


Move over lace as you finish off dominating our Spring, your neighbor crochet wants it’s time now..

1. Alexander McQueen crochet-embroidered organza jacket, 2. Sleeveless crochet collar shirt from Topshop, 3. white crochet shorts from Topshop

Mix Metals – Silver and Gold… Together

Can’t decide which one looks better pumped into your outfit?….go for both. Obviously.

1. Giles and Brother Trove Ray gold and silver necklace, 2. Assorted hand made helix gold and silver rings by Faith Tavender

Thanks to my sister for taking the pics :)


4 thoughts on “Some Key Summer 2012 Trends: Red, Crochet, Mixed Metals

  1. I found your blog through Lookbook & I absolutely LOVE your style! I love the use of red in this outfit and how you’ve turned a very classic looking blazer into a very modern look! I followed your blog through Bloglovin and liked your FB page as well! :)

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