London Fashion Week Arrives & Grazia’s Big Fashion Issue Live

Its already the third week into this busy month for the Fashion world and its about to get busier – London Fashion Week has arrived!

In the run up to this principle week, Grazia are documenting the making of their biggest issue of the year, editorially and commercially, via daily 3 minute video clips on Grazia are quite cleverly putting their readers and fans in control, allowing them to vote on key features of the final issue, that will go on sale in the midst of London Fashion Week (Tue 21st Feb 2012). Followers can vote for their favorite cover copy to go to print, decide on what will make it into Grazia’s fashion charts and also determine what outfit, Queen fashion blogger Susie Lau steps out in, for her first appearance during LFW.

What a great way of pulling in an audience, putting them in the middle of it and in doing so, developing a strong consumer relationship with the brand – genius!

In terms of The Fashion Charts, I personally vote yay for the below –

1. Peplum (by H&M) – I say yes to the leather and yes to the black –  pair it with gold pants and you can tick all the boxes for this season biggest trends

2. Envelope clutch (by Etro) – the prints and retro look is spot on…I wonder if this comes in over-sized??

3. Red PVC collar (by Atsuko Kudo) – this, plus something denim would equal a perfect match

4. Printed tunic (by Hobbs) – I’m a massive fan  – this could be dressed up, down, layered over, under…endless really!

5.Veggie printed dress (by Primark) – what a fun play with prints, it has to be in the top 5!

Although I am wondering why there is nothing pastel themed on this list?



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